Cohousing projects meeting July 23, 2020/ gardening 🗓 🗺

Quality of life with garden. Cohousing projects and their green concepts

Almost every cohousing project wants to have a lot of green surrounding. Be it a garden, be it spacious balconies or be it a greenhouse on the roof, as in the Réimerwee project of the cohousing cooperative Adhoc in Luxembourg.

But does that really work? In many cases, the residents quickly lose touch with their own garden or beet. Maintaining greenery is labour-intensive, work or family leave little room for plant care. Or for innovative projects such as a rooftop greenhouse, new ground has to be broken, experience is lacking.

How Luxembourg cohousing projects think about green, what green care means, which strategies are available and which problems arise, is the topic of the meeting. It is about the wishes of the residents, but also about the limits in the organisation of a housing project with regard to vegetable production or ornamental gardens. Luxembourg initiatives and housing projects will tell how they deal with this.

All participants can join in the discussion. They will also have the opportunity to get to know Luxembourg housing projects and also to check where there are still free flats that are suitable for them. The cohousing project meeting is organised in cooperation with the cohousing cooperative Adhoc. The participation is free of charge.

In order to ensure optimal health protection, this meeting will take place as a mixture of personal meeting and video conference. For a limited number of participants, the meeting room in the ecocenter will be available. There, all those who prefer to attend from home will be connected via videoconference. The dial-in data will be sent by e-mail shortly before the start. For this reason, it is necessary to register in advance for the event at or More information is also available at:

Cohousing project meeting on 23 July 2020 – Start 19:00 h – Oekozenter, 6, Rue Vauban, 2663 Luxembourg with simultaneous video conference

Chancen fürs gemeinschaftliche Leben

Das Geschehen um die Corona-Epidemie führt uns vor Augen, welche Qualitäten gemeinschaftliches Wohnen und Leben hat. Eine gute Gelegenheit, Wohnprojekte auch als Schutzraum gegen öffentliches Geschehen zu entdecken.

Die Organisation Habitat Prticipatif France hat eine Sammlung vieler Videos zusammengestellt, die alle aus und über gemeinschaftliche Wohnformen berichten. Es lohnt sich, sie anzusehen. Wer bislang noch nicht davon überzeugt war, dass Wohnprojekte ganz neue soziale Qualitäten schaffen und Lösungen für viele Alltagsprobleme anbieten, wird seine Meinung nach dem Anschauen der vielen kleinen Filme sicher ändern.

Das Projekt Réimerwee von Adhoc setzt die Idee, gemeinsam stark zu sein auch in Luxemburg um. Wie es dort einmal zugehen wird lässt sich gut herausfinden in den Wohnprojekt-Videos aus Frankreich.